Real Time Tracking

Save our Earth

Competitive Pricing

Where ever your package goes, you'll know where it is. With real time tracking, you'll be able to know where your agent is and will always have the peace of mind to attend to your other tasks.

By allowing daily commuters to bring your packages instead of a standard courier, you help cut down carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint on Mother Earth. Good Job!

With the power of the people on our side, Ant cuts down on the cost required for vehicles and full time delivery agents. This enables you to save on deliveries and treat yourself because you deserve it!


Seamless App Navigation

With a well designed application, you no longer have to be lost in within an app with bad navigating buttons! The ant app guides you through the process and is a tool for its master.

Speed is Key

At Ant, we know that time is money and of essence. With the Ant app, you can easily make a delivery request within a minute and check back on the necessary information within seconds.

Multiple Security Layers

Implementing OTP and Signature features as well a 24/7 Support team ready to assist you, you never have to worry about your package's safety!


About ANT

Created by mystical omniscient wizards on our sunny island Singapore, ANT understands the woes and struggles of the last mile delivery crisis. As Singapore's infrastructure consists mostly of high-rise buildings, last-mile delivery is not only tedious, but expensive.

At ANT, we want to make deliveries cost effective and to also make the process seamless in your everyday life. In fact, we want to help daily commuters like you and I earn a profit during our travels. We want to make Ant a lifestyle.

With forward looking ideas and efficient operating systems produced by our team of underpaid but motivated Interns, you wouldn't have to think twice about letting us deliver your package. As society and technology continues moving forward, ANT remains ever-changing to the times.


We bring the LIVE to deLIVEries.  


  1. How does ANT work?
    ANT is designed to give users the best of both worlds by providing 2 services 'CHIONG' (Instant delivery) & 'TUMPANG' (Crowdsourced delivery). Upon request, ANT will connecting the user to the customer directly. 

  2. What can be delivered by ANT? 
    Anything and we mean it! However, ANT does not allow the following items to be transported: Illegal drugs and narcotics, weapons, chemicals, people, livestock and anything prohibited by the local authorities in your region.

  3. Where can I use ANT?
    Apart from restricted zones such as military camps, we currently cover the whole of Singapore. However, the response rate of our agents are dependent on Agent availability in the area.  New ANT Agents are being added to our 'ANT-NEST' database everyday!

  4. What devices support ANT?
    ANT is available for download on IOS & Android

  5. How do i get paid for making a delivery as an ANT Agent?
    As a Commuter or someone who makes deliveries, you get your own account connecting you to our credit card processing partner, Stripe.  This allows you to seamlessly receive payments for the deliveries you make from Deliveries. 

  6. What is the difference between 'Chiong' and 'Tumpang'?
    The 'CHIONG' service in the ANT app will connect you directly to an ANT 'CHIONG' Agent for instant deliveries. While the 'TUMPANG' service will put your request on the ANT job list where ANT 'TUMPANG' Agents can choose to accept delivery requests depending on their availability and convenience.

  7. How much does it cost to request a delivery on 'Tumpang'?
    We set a price within our system based on our algorithm, factoring the distance required for your delivery and current petrol prices.  Due to these variables we can’t give you a fixed number, but we can tell you that deliveries in a local area of 5-20KM will typically range from about $8.00 - $15.00.

  8. As an ANT ('TUMPANG') Agent, how many deliveries can i make?
    This is a free world, its up to you! However, if you were to pick up multiple orders and do not complete them, your account will be penalised.

  9. As an ANT ('CHIONG') Agent, how many deliveries can i make?
    Due to the instant nature of the job ANT 'CHIONG' Agents are only allowed to pick up 1 order at a time.

  10. Can I trust this service? 
    On top of connecting users to trustworthy ANT Agents, both 'CHIONG' & 'TUMPANG' are equipped with a state of the art package tracking system as well as security features such as OTP & Digital Signature upon pickup/delivery. 

  11. Can i get my ANT Agent to purchase items and deliver it to me?
    Definitely! While at Ant we mainly focus on deliveries itself, such arrangements can be made informally between you and your agent. To avoid miscommunication and disappoint, do remember to include your request in your descriptions and notes to agents. Ant will not be held liable for discrepancies caused by informal arrangements.

  12. What do i do if the ANT app is not working?
    Contact us via email at support@antcouriers.com



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